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Our Company

The Prince of Peace Home For Seniors prides itself on building a reputation of quality service and personal attention to our clients. Our structure is simple and lines of responsibility are clearly defined. Departments function independently but each function is crucial to the success of the operation. 

Each member of our team is encouraged to contribute to the continued development and success of the company. We work together to make positive connections with agencies who have a need for services we provide. We impress upon each client that our staff members are professional, confident, capable and knowledgeable. We come together as a team to build this company into the powerful group that we envision ourselves becoming.

Experience & Training

Each member of our staff has over 10 years of experience working in their area of expertise, with a concentration in the areas of patient care, home health care, and/or health and human services. We are knowledgeable and have built respectable reputations throughout the industry. 

We have worked together as a group to develop a systematic full-proof formula for providing quality professional care and services. We address issues such as staff training, certifications, and industry association membership annually with our staff. Because training and networking through industry associations are high on the priority list of the company, we offer incentives (i.e., tuition reimbursement and membership fees paid by the company) to keep these two items high on the priority list of both present and future staff members.

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